Barbecue wood types Review

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 Best Wood to use for Smoking Meat

Barbecue wood types review,so you bought a smoker grill or just would like to learn the best barbecue wood  types in this review,how to smoke barbecue with just your regular grill. I was in the same place as you a few years ago. My wife bought me ]a barbecue grill with a side firebox. I didn’t know what was best,charcoal or wood. Mesquite,oak,apple,pecan,hickory,or the more exotic wood like peach,pear,plum. Or citrus like lemon or orange wood. In this article i will make known to you everything i can find on the best wood to use for smoking barbecue.Also cooking with wood tastes different and better than just using charcoal or gas.

Types of Wood

AppleAllSweet fruity flavor.Every kind of apple wood has slightly different flavor.You get a browning effect from the smoke
AlmondAll A sweet natural nutty flavor
AshBeef,fish A very light flavor,easy to smoke with
Chicken,pork Orange or lemon wood,light smoke with fruity flavor
CherryBeef and pork Really nice light fruit flavor
FruitwoodFish,chicken,pork Plum,peach,or pear a fruity flavor with a mild sweet smoke
GrapevineGame,chicken,turkey,lambThis produces lots of smoke. It produces barbecue that has a slight fruity flavor
Beef and porkI would say the most favorite wood for smoking. Also has strong flavor,need to keep an eye on barbecue to keep from over smoking
Chicken and porkA very light smoke and has a sweet flavor.Wont overpower the barbecue like oak or mesquite
Chicken,beef,and fishWord of caution! This wood burns very hot. Its hard to maintain heat at the right temperature. But any brisket cooked with mesquite turns out great..Adds wonderful flavor to your barbecue
OakGame,ribs,beef,fishThis puts out a heavy smoke.I would mix with other wood types to get better flavor.Its very easy to over smoke the food
PecanPork and beef Another light smoke with a sweet nutty flavor

Wood chips Wood chunks

Some electric smokers use only chips.Gas grills should use only chips,either wrapped in foil or by buying a pan specially made for using chips. If your not using anything but charcoal in your charcoal/wood smoker,you wont get that rich smoked taste. So if you don’t have logs try chunks and soak them in water before using. The barbecue will taste bitter if the wood smokes too fast. Try to soak the wood chunks for 30 minutes and chips only 15 to 30 minutes. Don’t add wood soaking wet try to let the excess water drip off. Use the above chart to decide on what wood to use.

Barbecue wood types Review

To get a smoky flavor on a gas grill use a sheet of aluminum foil,wrapping up the wood chips. You can then punch holes in the sides or top of the foil to allow smoke to escape.Or you can buy a foil pan. The video below shows how to setup a gas grill to smoke with wood chips  using a gas grill.


The next video shows how to take a small charcoal grill and smoke your barbecue.

In years past all barbecue was cooked by using logs of dried wood mostly hardwood. People on farms built smoke houses to smoke meats because they didn’t have any way to keep meat from going bad. People liked the smoke house taste so well that’s why smoked barbecue is so popular.


In this barbecue wood types types review,you will find that hardwoods are used because they have compact cell structures,they are the best wood for smoking. Softwood trees like pine have sap and burn way too fast and are not good for smoking barbecue.

Using wood to smoke causes a crust called bark to form on the outer part of the barbecue. The bark is really a tasty part of the barbecue,the smoke flavor is really intense. If you would like to turn your outdoor humdrum cookout into a mouth watering food get together. Then smoking barbecue is the way to go.  If you desire you can find many stores online selling wood chips and chunks online. You can find chips and chunks in a store but you may find you are limited in your choice. Most stores carry hickory and mesquite. You can order online and find everything you need and a big variety. Several companies have wild cherry,white oak,red oak,sugar maple,ash,northern hickory,eastern alder,beechwood,also mesquite.

Wood pellets

Wood pellets used in an electric smoker are supposed to be food grade only. There are pellets made for household heaters that should never be used for smoking. They contain oil. There are a lot of different kinds of wood pellets you can find online. So for the best barbecue wood types reviews check out the links below.



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