Black &Decker signature series Grill Review

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The Black and Decker signature series isn’t being made anymore

The Black&Decker signature series grill review gas grill with side burner review covers everything i
Black &Decker signature series Grill Reviewcould find on this product. Its beautiful on the outside. Is it on the inside? Is it a barbecue grill worth having? There is a 4500 series of this grill. It does not have all the “bells and whistles”of the 6500. The 4500 series is cheaper though,it just depends on your budget.

Key Features:
A huge 75,000 BTU’S The main burners are 4 burners with 12,000 btu each A side burner with 12,000 BTU’S Stainless steel cooking grates Stainless steel warming rack Secondary cooking area with infrared burner with 15,000 BTU’S LED illuminated control panel easy access and easy to read Easy push and turn jet ignition Huge 48 burger cooking area

I just did another review of a lp gas grill that costs a little less that cant even come close to this grill. This black&decker signature series gas grill is beautiful. It has Stainless steel top and sides. Inside its a real winner because of the great layout of the burners. The stainless steel cooking grate and warming grate really stand out in a gas grill this cheap. The top is in two sections because of the main and secondary cooking areas. You can cook for a small family or big crowd. The burners also are stainless steel. I am impressed with this grill. And if you have read my reviews before i don’t usually like LP gas barbecue grills. This one is impressive for the price. There is a split lid gas grill which is the 6500 version.

The downside to this black&decker signature grill is the fact is that its cheap. Its not as good as lp gas grills costing more. Its ok and a good price,but not as good as the higher priced barbecue grills. It still would need to be kept clean and be protected from rain by a cover or kept in a shed.

The black&decker signature series 6-burner gas grill is a good value for a cheap price. The total cooking area is 856 square inch cooking area. You can cook 38 hamburger patties at once. It will cook steaks to perfection. You can purchase a box to put wood chips in and have smoke flavor in your cook out’s. The black&decker signature series 6500 gas grill with side burner and split lid with a good cleanup everytime you use it will last a good long while. This black & decker signature split lid gas grill will give your food that smoky flavor. Update: The Black &Decker signature series Grill  is now being made by, Bond Manufacturing.

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