Bradley Original Fully Automatic 4-Rack Smoker Review

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Bradley Original Fully Automatic 4-Rack Smoker Review. What did i like about what did i dislike. What do actual customers who bought one think.

The bradley smoker looks like a small refrigerator. With its small size,it could sit upon a table on your patio while you grill. It has a side feed for the bisquettes,which are used instead of pellets. The bradley smoker is a complete smoke house. The bisquettes will burn for 20 minutes each,and supposedly the temperature isn’t supposed to fluctuate. I would think the temperature would drop if you opened the door for any reason.

The original fully automatic 4-rack smoker uses a unique smoke without fire system. Which delivers a unique smoke flavor. The food is without any bitter taste from gases or acids,or resins. Most high temp charcoal/wood smokers will leave that bitter taste. I know that my son and i competed in a barbecue cookoff,with a charcoal/wood smoker. The cold smoke electric grills killed all us who weren’t using pellet grills. Its my plan to get a unique smoke without fire grill. A lot of people liked the idea of a electric bbq smoker the size of a small fridge,and pretty much sealed the deal for them.This bradley smoker is worth the price if you are looking for a smoker.


  • 4-Rack fully automatic food smoker
  • Stainless steel interior
  • Rack support helps keep racks from falling over
  • Improved front face panel
  • Side mounted smoke generator,with removable panel
  • Improved electrical components


The fully automatic 4-rack outdoor grill runs up to 250 degrees,which is about tops for this unit. But that’s what smoking is all about. I cook brisket at 200 degrees for 12 hours. Smoking for 8 to 12 hours is the only way to get tender,smoky barbecue. The bradley original smoker will also smoke salmon,which is a good thing for all of you in the pacific northwest.

The Bad

I found a lot of negative along with positive comments about this grill. A lot of people have said that the bradley original smoker,will catch on fire after several years of using. And a lot of people thought the bradley was great and gave them no problems. There are too many bad reviews for my to give this one a good rating. Its cheap,built in China. Will not maintain the right heat. The bisquettes are the only thing you can use,you have to buy them from bradley. You cant put large cuts of meat into the bradley because of its size. You cant load the smoker grill,with meat as it wont stay hot. The temperature will start going down,if loaded.

The grill measures 14-1/2 inches by 17 inches by 31 inches. It also has a 1 year warranty. The smoker uses two ways to cook. Hot and cold. Hot smoking the temps range from 180 to 250 degrees. The smoking time varies as to which way you want to use the grill. Cold smoking takes a longer time to cook. Also cold smoking temp is between 60 and 80 degrees temperature. The bradley has powder epoxy steel outside,with a aluminum interior. The smokehouse has a traditional hot plate with a low heating element. There is a feeding system for the bisquettes,which is supposed to be elaborate,and trouble free. The bisquettes are supposed to not burn down to ash. Need very little heat energy. And can be put out in the water bath that’s built in. There is another heating element that controls the temperature in the smokehouse. Want to know more? Click Here

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