Cajun Injector Stainless Steel Grill

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Cajun Injector Stainless Steel GrillA Review of the Cajun Injector Stainless Steel Grill


In this review the cajun injector stainless steel smoker grill is checked out. The grill is electric and heats to about 275 degrees. There is a pan for wood chunks,or wood pellets which smoke the meat you select. If you have 12 hours to wait for your barbecue,then you might like this smoker grill.Maintaining an accurate temperature is supposed to be easy.

The grill is a good looking unit. It looks like a small refrigerator. There is a cap on the end you have to take off to put in wood chips or pellets. according to the owners manual you should only 1.5 ounces of wood pellets or 1/4 cup of wood chips at a time. And you should add more fuel as needed. Also the temperature will rise after you add wood pellets or chips,so you shouldn’t adjust the temperature. If you open the door to the smoker you might get a flare up. Just shut the door and wait until the wood burns down. There is a 24 hour digital display on the cajun injector,that you can access by pressing the button in front of display panel. The instructions say you don’t have to pre heat the unit. Setting the temperature is easy,push on button. Push temperature button,the led display will start to flash. And you set temp by the plus and minus buttons.Then you push temp to hold the set temp. But heating will not occur till the timer is set.
You set timer by pushing the timer button. Set the hours when the led flashes by using the plus minus button. Set hours by pushing time button again. Set minutes when the minutes led flashes by setting plus or minus button. Press set time again to start cooker. Also the heat shuts off when time has expired. If you get an error message you have to turn smoker off and unplug unit. Wait 10 seconds before you plug unit back in. The control should be reset. smoker takes the guess out throughout the cooking process.


  • Constant temp’s from 100 to 275 degrees
  • Auto shut off
  • Side access to wood pellet chute
  • 5 Chrome racks for smoking
  • Can cook jerky
  • With an adjustable door latch
  • Grill is insulated for better heat control
  • Has wheels on rear with adjustable front legs
  • Probe for food temperature
  • Digital control for precision smoking
  • There are two oven mitts included
  • Sausage hanger rack

The Bad

The injector electric smoker reviews,run both good and bad.There seems to be problems with the heating element in some peoples grills. Some reviews say that the company will send out parts. The smoker will work fine for a month or so and electric parts go bad again. The cajun injector stainless steel grill really needs to be kept out of the weather. Also the gasket on the door sometimes goes bad. Of course there are people who love their grill. The stainless steel smoker is cheap,compared to a higher end pellet grill. You might be taking a chance on having problems by buying this grill because of the quality of the product. . You also have to hand feed pellets or chips,no automatic feed on this one.Warranty is 90 days.

The cajun injector electric smoker will smoke and you will have moist meat every time you cook. There are 5 stainless steel racks for your convenience.An air dampener controls the flow of air to the smoker. The two front legs are adjustable for height. There is an adjustable door latch. Because of so many complaints about this grill,at this time i cant give it a good rating.For more information about the Cajun Injector Stainless Steel Grill click link below.

Here is the cajun injector wide electric smoker in black.Click link below to see prices.

cajun injector stainless steel grillcajun injector stainless steel grill
Cajun Injector Wide Electric Smoker, Blackcajun injector stainless steel grill

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4 comments for “Cajun Injector Stainless Steel Grill

  1. Adam Jasper

    I have this smoker. It has been very convenient until I went to use it and every time I try to turn it on it automatically shuts off the power. It has been very difficult to find parts for. Tried cajun Injector Web page but they only offer a new one. Any help would be appreciated, I don’t want to throw it away.

    • Billy Roberts

      Hi Adam,that smoker has had problems for a while. Have you had a repair tech look at it? Also you might look into replacing the burner with a hot plate. Cajun Injector will sell you a replacement burner if you want to look into doing that. But your cheapest fix is the hot plate fix. There will be some modifications to the grill to make the hot plate fit. I hate to hear of you having problems. How long have you had the Cajun Injector?

  2. Ted Rogers

    I purchased this double door smoker last spring and the first year was awesome. I was able to make the best ribs i’ve ever made and homemade bacon as well as other things. However, after each use I noticed the rubber seals for the doors and glass began to melt off and now they are completely gone. Without a seal the thing won’t retain heat and is useless unless I can get the Cajun people to send me replacements.

    The bottom line is that this thing looks and acts great when new but with just a little use it deteriorates. I guess the $150.00 I paid for it should have been the hint. I had a Bradley before and now miss it very much. If anyone knows how to replace the rubber seals I’d be very appreciative for your thoughts…..thanks.

    • at

      Hi Ted, you can buy a roll of gasket that is heat resistant at Amazon. Just search for barbecue grill gasket. I had a Pellet Grill leaking heat and smoke everywhere around the doors. The gasket has a sticky back and works really well. The reason barbecue grills get pricy is the way they are built. I believe you will like your grill better with the leaks fixed. Good luck.

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