Camp Chef Smoke Vault 24 Review

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The camp chef smoke vault 24 review will explain the features and operation of this grill. It runs on propane gas which is a clean burning fuel. It has the ability to smoke meat and hold the right camp cheftemperature while cooking. Its built like a small refrigerator. It has a door on the front that allows you plenty of room to load the wood chip tray and then load the meat you selected to cook.

Looking for a combination smoker,cooker,dehydrator? You can load up meat to make jerky. Its easy to cook cakes,pies and other desserts also. Got a tight budget and looking for cheap,good grill,cooker? The smoke vault has a wood chip tray to add wood chips or chunks so you can smoke the food also.


  • Two cooking grids and one jerky rack
  • Three damper valves that are adjustable,on top and one on each side
  • The door thermometer is large and easy to read from 50 to 550 degrees
  • The lp gas burner has an ignition system  to light the burner
  • With the smoke vault you get recipes,ideas,cooking tips included


You can smoke meat with this lp gas smoker. The wood chip pan will hold enough wood for about two hours smoke. If you wish to add chips or chunks of wood you can use a set of tongs to replenish the wood. The wood box gets real hot and is near impossible to take out while cooking unless you have oven mitts. That’s why you might wish to get some tongs. Locking smoked flavor using mesquite,hickory,or other wood can really spice up your barbecue. There are 3 damper valves to control the heat and smoke levels. One on top and two on the sides. Included are a steel wood pan and water pan which helps keep the barbecue meats tender. The water pan should be lined with aluminum foil to help in cleanup and keep the pan lasting longer. Another nice thing is you can use the smoke vault 24″ as a oven to bake pies,cakes,bread.  The smoke vault will hold a whole turkey by taking out some of the trays.

Propane Gas Smoker


  • Height with legs is 44″
  • Weight 75 pounds
  • Door 22 1/2 w x 28″ H
  • Total LP gas heat output 18,000 BTU an hour
  • Heat maximum  550 degrees
  • Protected burner drum built in for maximum heat control


There were nobody upset with the operation of the smoker. Most of the ratings on Amazon were 4 to 5 stars.  There were complaints about the shipping box being torn and abused. Its always better if you inspect the package before you accept it. The temperature gauge is not as accurate as a meat temperature probe. Also the outside is painted and will need touch up or repainted in a few years.


A great thing about this camp chef smoke vault 24″ black grill is you can smoke multiple items simultaneously. The heat is easy to control. The heat is from 150 to 500 degrees. It can be used for smoking ribs as well as cooking pies.The smoke vault comes in two sizes 18″ and the 24″ inch. The camp chef 24″ smoker has plenty of room easy to control,easy to use. Most models have stainless steel door with a large temperature gauge.Click here for more info.

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