Firedisc Grill Review For Tailgater Or Hunter

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Firedisc Grill Review For Tailgater Or Hunter. I was thinking Firedisc Grill Review For Tailgater Or Hunterof getting a portable grill that was small enough to fit in my pickup or car. Also to not only cook my food while camping but maybe keeping me warm on cold days. In the deer camp would be a good use.  It folds up making this portable lightweight grill, easy to move around. How good would it be to put this in a camp to cook with when you come back from a day of hunting. Stir fry vegetables and beef, pork, or chicken. What a great idea to have a versatile portable grill.  It would have to be propane fuel and lightweight. The one I found was the Firedisc grill.

Firedisc Grill Review For Tailgater Or Hunter

It’s small relative light weight (60 pounds). Also heavy duty and rust free. But to call this a grill might be pushing it a bit far. It’s more a cooker. Which isn’t bad. The top of the grill looks like a skillet or wok. It will hold 5 pounds of water so as you can tell you can cook a lot at one time.


Fuel is propane. You can use either a small bottle 16.4 oz. Tank and a hose is included with fitting for  larger 20 lb. bottle of propane.


The Firedisc Grill is well built and shouldn’t ever rust. The disc is made of carbon steel and the stand is powder coated. The heat ring which is 2.5 inch tall  was added to keep food from sloshing out of the cooking disc.


Using  the Firedisc as a grill isn’t as good as just using it to cook vegetables and beef or some other meat. Also the center of the disc can  get very hot and the only way to lower the heat is to turn the propane down. Or move the food to the outside edges of the cooking disc. You shouldn’t need many times of cooking on the Firedisc portable grill to discover you are  really good at fixing delicious meals.

Steel Handles

There are two steel handles on the sides of the disc that have fire retardant soft rubber grips. As the whole grill weighs 60 pounds you will find this handle feature very nice to use.

Two Sizes

So far the cooker comes in two sizes. 24″ and 36″ in two colors, Red and Black.

3 Zone Cooking

There is a 3 zone cooking area on the cooking disc. The middle gets really hot. And the further you go outside the temperature drops. The rim is the coolest. You would start in the middle then when food is nearly cooked, move it closer to the outside to finish cooking. Its really easy to fry chicken, just put oil in the center and place your chicken in the oil. The grill will cook that chicken really crisp. Also fish,shrimp,pork or steak will taste great cooked on this grill.  And if you cook  with the burner turned down the  heat zones will be smaller.

Firedisc Grill Review For Tailgater Or Hunter

It will take a little trial and error to get used to the Firedisc. The cooking surface will mature over time to achieve even better results as you cook. Also the cleanup is super easy to do.

Ultra High Carbon Steel

As I said earlier the Firedisc Grill is made from ultra high carbon steel which adds to the weight. The 24″ inch grill will weigh about 55 pounds. The 36″ weighs 60 pounds.


The portability of the firedisc will enhance your tailgating at football games. The large cooking capacity will help feed quite a few people. Also when fishing,  after you  clean the fish you have caught, you can have a fish fry. You will need a Wok spatula to cook on this grill. Durability and being so portable makes this grill so attractive to tailgaters, campers. The Firedisc will fold up and lay flat in your trunk of your car. Its powder coated and will not scratch easily. It wont rust because of material used (carbon steel). A one minute cleanup with Water. Hose down the grill and then dry off and coat with oil. The cooking surface improves with age. Also no screws or bolts to worry with. Frame is welded. 5 Year warranty. I hope my Firedisc Grill review helped you decide. For more information
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