Louisiana Grills Country Smoker Cs-570 Pellet Grill On Cart Review

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The Louisiana grills country smoker cs-570 pellet grill that has a cart built in. They call it a smoker countrycombo,and it has all the features you will ever need.The country smoker pellet grill really has the solution to any barbecuing needs you might have. It not only grills but will do slow roasts,smokes,and will bake.
It has 14 gauge dupont powder coat finish. The wood pellet smoker has a built in arched flavor guard that helps reduce flare-ups and allows more juices to evaporate into the meat causing the barbecue to be more flavorful . It has a lid that’s reinforced and has a design doesn’t have a chimney,so you get more smoke in contact with your food,which gives more smoke taste in your food. There is 614 inches porcelain coated surface for cooking.
Which provides plenty enough room to cook for a family and friends also. There is a large stainless burn grate and with the flame broiler in the open position allows you to reach temps up to 1000 degrees for your grilling.

Standard Features

1.Powder Coat Finish

2.Reinforced Hopper Lid

3.Metal Auger that feeds pellets into burner

4.Stay cool handle on hopper lid

5.Uses 110 volt electricity with 20 amp fuse

6.Grease bucket to catch grease for easy cleanup

The airflow that’s created in the country smoker grill lets you have convection cooking,which means the temperature at the top of the grill is nearly the same as the grilling surface. A great thing to have is the auto-start electric igniter which lets you control and set the temperature,push the start and sit back and wait till the smoker finishes. The wood pellets are fed into what is called the burn pot,where everything is automatic,ignition of the pellets. There is a fan-cooled hopper and the feed system will keep the country smoker at the temperature you set. The temperature is set by the mechanical dial or the optional digi-que control board.
The thermometer on the lid allows you to check the temperature inside the unit. Another good feature,the grease bucket catches the grease that falls from the flavor guard. Also the 12 pound capacity hopper will hold pellets that last for about 8 hours. The burn pot and auger system will use about 1 1/2 pounds of wood pellets per hour on 180 degree setting. And 7 pounds per hour on 600 degree setting,which is the highest setting.
The cart that comes with the cs-570 has two leveling legs so its very stable. Also there is a shelf for storage,and wheels for moving the grill. The height of the smoker grill is 42.25,the width is 45.75,depth 24,the weight comes in at 160 pounds. The hopper will hold 18 pounds,the barbecuing area is 614 square inches,and grilling area with the optional upper cooking rack is 969 sq inches. Another thing this louisiana country smoker grill is made in the United States.


Its kind of pricey,which might turn off some people.And when its shipped you have to put it together. But if you have the resources to purchase this wood pellet barbecue smoker,then you will be the big dog on the block for cooking smoked meats. I helped my son once in a barbecue cook off,we had charcoal smokers and finished 4th or 5th place. Guess which one finished first? The wood pellet smoker grill. The flavor is way more intense from a pellet smoker. Our charcoal smokers couldn’t compete. But if you like to smoke turkey,salmon,pork,ribs,brisket,pork chops,then this Louisiana grills country smoker will do the job and then some.

Its about if you want to sit and watch this wood pellet bbq grill cook your food without fuss or bother. The charcoal grill i have,the temperature is all over the place. I want 200 degrees for smoking brisket. My grill goes from 150 to 300 and back down. Its a constant fight. When i use mesquite logs,forget it,the temp goes nuts. Mesquite is a hot burning wood. Hard to keep regulated,if the heats too high the brisket cooks too fast,and can get tough.

Remember,the pellet smokers are often called grills. Not many can actually grill, over a flame. If you love steak,you usually would need a a charcoal,or gas grill to cook your steak. This one will cook steaks very well. For you that don’t know,pellets are made from hardwood sawdust. They burn almost completely,nearly no ash from combustion. At higher temps,there isn’t much smoke. Lower the temperature to 200 to 250 and you get plenty of smoke. Its also very hard to smoke the meat too much.

The system lets you set your temperature, push start, sit back and relax. The natural wood pellets feed into the burn pot where they are automatically ignited and the fan-cooled hopper and feed system keeps your grill at the temperature of your choosing. The temperature can be controlled with either the included mechanical dial or the optional Digi-Que control board. The lid thermometer enables you to monitor the temperature inside the grill and the grease bucket catches run off grease from the flavor guard. The 12 pound capacity hopper holds enough pellets for up to 8 hours of cooking. The auger and burn pot system on this grill uses 1 1/2 pounds of pellets per hour on low (180 degrees) and up to 7 pounds per hour on the

  • Dupont powder coat finish protects the grill from the elements
  • Chimney-less design creates a rich, smoky flavor
  • Flame broiler allows you to achieve a true char-grilled flavor
  • Auto-start igniter lets you start grilling sooner
  • Smoke, grill or bake for multiple cooking options

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    I just saw a recommendation for the newer CS-570 with the digital temp control. Is there a problem with the manual dial control? Or is it because you can now have the thermometer keep the temp control adjusted with the digital version? I have an opportunity to get an older CS-570 used for a pretty good price, but maybe not if there’s an issue with the manual dial control. Thanks.

    • at

      The temp control is now set and forget with the digital unit. The manual dial can cause heat fluctuations. If you want better control, get the updated one.

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