Masterbuilt 20070910 30-Inch Electric Smokehouse Smoker,Review

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Masterbuilt 20070910 30-Inch Electric Smokehouse Smoker,Review

The Masterbuilt 20070910 30-Inch Electric Smokehouse Smoker Review:Is it a good smoker grill?


The Pros:

A company known for its quality and innovation. Masterbuilt cooking products have a good reputation for good quality. Masterbuilt Electric Smokehouse grill is another in a line of good bbq grills. This review is about their lower cost product.
Its an electric smoker,with a push-button digital thermostatically controlled Temperature. Also with a side loading wood tray. Its got a black powder -coated steel body. When you open the door you find it has 4 racks for smoking inside. You can smoke chicken,turkey,ham,beef brisket. For your cooking convenience,it has a push -button digital, control panel. 24- hour timer with an automatic shutoff so that makes it easy to barbecue. Also it has a thermostat which controls the temperature. Its also insulated for energy-efficient cooking,which means that you can save on electricity. This grill has set it and forget features,to make it easier to make smoked foods. For your clean up after cooking,there is a drip pan that comes out so you can clean up faster. There is also a grease pan that’s real mounted. My thought on this smoker is that its for people who don’t have a big family and are just starting out trying their hand at smoking barbecue.

Its easy to use,just plug it in set it at the temperature you desire to smoke the meat. Load up the grill with the food,load the wood chips, set the timer,and wait.Of course if you are smoking a brisket or a turkey,you will need to reload the chips into the smoker several times until the meat is done. The 1.7 cubic feet of space,and the easy to use features make this grill a nice one to have. Most people who are just getting into the smokehouse type of smoked barbecue will like this grill.Its simple,easy to use,you get good to great results with just plugging the smoker into the electrical outlet. Set the temperature you want,put your food in,add your favorite wood chips,and sit back and relax.

The electric smoker has pushbutton start. You can set the temp from 100 to 275 degrees. When i have a brisket,i like to cook at 200 degrees for 12 hours. This grill will do that very well. When the timer hits 12 hours the grill shuts off. So the food is cooked to the way you like it. Of course you don’t have to open the door to add wood chips. You simply fill the side loading wood chip holder,and just sit and watch it make smoke.




Make your barbeque better

You have a water pan in the electrical smoker that you can add water and spices that will add flavor to your food. Also the water pan will keep whatever your cooking moist and if you have liquid smoke or some other spice,it will add another layer of flavor. For a less smoke flavor you can adjust the air damper to decrease the smoke. Or if you really like your food smoky leave the damper closed. When you are done,take out the drip tray,wipe out the inside. And then you are done. There is a pan that catches the ash from the wood chips also. There is a built in thermometer that’s digital. It keeps the smoker at just the right temperature. You will need a hand held meat thermometer to check the meat you are smoking. Its very important to know what temperature the meat is,so you know when its done.

1.Push- Button Digital Thermometer keeps temperature you set

2.Well insulated saves energy while cooking

3.Four racks for smoking

4.Uses small amounts of wood chips while smoking

5.Great customer support,90 day warranty

6.2-1/2-cubic-foot electric smoker


The size is pretty small,using big cuts of meat cuts down on how much you can smoke at a time. Also the temperature only goes to 275,which means that poultry needs up to 350 to have the fat in the skin to render,and not having chewy skin. The electric heater that’s built in is on the weak side if you were to cook using two or three racks filled with meat. You would find the heater having a hard time keeping the temp up to the proper cooking temperature,you set. The grill does fine with only 1 or two pieces of meat.This is something you would want to consider before buying.Masterbuilt tells that you need to plug the smoker into an outlet. Don’t use an extension cord,it cuts the wattage down. If you just want to try smoking and dont want to invest a lot of money,then this 30 inch electric smokehouse smoker with its set and forget it controls could possibly be the one. If you really want some smoked food,with very little work,this one works well.

Overall,i would say this is a nice bbq grill for you,if you keep in mind its limitations. And the price is good,that’s why i say this unit is a good one. Not 5 stars but i think it will do very well with your weekend barbecue’s Click Here


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