Pit Boss Grills 820 Pellet Grill Review

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Pit Boss Grills 820 pellet grill review  The 820 is 820 square inches of cooking surface. I am Pit Boss Grills 820 pellet grill review  The 820 is 820 square inches of cooking surface.
always looking for a pellet grill that’s a bargain not only in price but in how well it’s built. And this pellet grill is well built.

Heavy Duty

The Pit Boss Grills 820 Pellet Grill is constructed of 16 gauge steel. The undercarriage is also heavy duty.  The legs are heavy duty. There is a shelf under the barrel of the cooker that connects the legs.

Pit Boss Grills 820 Pellet Grill Review

That makes the Pit Boss 820 legs very stable. No wobble to drive you nuts while you cook. Also, there are 2 wheels on the grill that are spoked like wagon wheels.

Cooking Heat Range

The cooking heat range goes from 180 degrees to 500. There is one dial to turn for precise heat. The digital control board with the internal meat probe will result in barbecue cooked to perfection.

Convection Cooking

There is convection cooking which is fan forced and will eliminate the need for a rotisserie. The juices are sealed in the meat. You can have the moistest barbecue you have ever eaten.

Cooking Surface

The cooking surface is 820 square inches. That is a large amount for you to cook on. The main has 580 square inches plus 240 square inches upper rack that is removable. There is a grease rack under the main cooking rack that drains away grease into a large grease bucket attached to the body of the grill. I always put aluminum foil on my grease rack to keep the rack from getting filthy.  Takes no time at all to clean up the Pit Boss 820 pellet grill.

Cooking Grates

The cooking grates are made of cast iron. Coated with porcelain for easy cleanup. I wouldn’t use steel brushes to clean up the grates. But right after every use cleanup with dish soap and a soft cloth like a dishcloth. For stubborn food that is based on using a good spray on oven cleaner and heat grill.

Pit Boss Grills 820 Pellet Grill Review


Control Type

The heat control is digital and has a digital LED readout. With 180 to 500 degrees temperature cooking. There is an automatic start and cool down built in.

The built-in meat probe gives you total control over the heat and cooking.

Electronic Ignition

There is electronic ignition which works with the built-in auger. The auger picks up the wood pellets from the hopper. And the electronic ignition heats up the

Pellets and starts the fire. There is a  thermometer built in the door.


The digital temperature control is a great feature to have. It allows you nearly hands-off cooking. The hopper has a hollow core jam-free feed system. Heavy-duty steel construction. Powder coated finish. With the top cooking shelf, you have 820 sq in of cooking space. A well-designed drip pan and bucket

For easier cleanup.


Most pellet grill leak smoke and heat. The door will need a gasket you can buy for less than $20 dollars.

Pit Boss Grills 820 Pellet Grill Review

Cutting out the smoke escape areas will also keep heat in, and the food gets more smoke. Also, you may need a tube built by A-MAZE-N products. Its a tube or a tray that you can fill with wood pellets to provide cold smoke to get the extra smoke flavor. The tubes are either a 6 inch or 12 inches. Either way, you go the Pit Boss 820 Pellet Grill will benefit from the extra smoke. Most pellet grills don’t have enough smoke to really get that smoke flavor. The a-maze-n products will make you glad you bought a pellet grill. That is if you like meat smoked with a good amount of smoked flavor.

Pit Boss Grills 820 Pellet Grill Review


In conclusion a lot of barbecue purist’s claim that pellet grills won’t cook like a charcoal or wood grill. No, they don’t, they do better. I can cook a whole chicken on my pellet grill and that is the tastiest moist chicken I have ever had. I have never injected liquid into chicken, beef or pork. At the end when the meat is cooked there is plenty of liquid still in the meat. Also, you will enjoy cooking with wood pellets as you can buy many types of pellets like pecan, hickory, apple, cherry, and mesquite. If you like no-fuss cooking then this Pit boss 820 pellet grill will deliver. For more info Click Below.
Pit Boss Grills 820 Pellet Grill Review


8 comments for “Pit Boss Grills 820 Pellet Grill Review

  1. Brett

    How has this unit held up

    • at

      It is one of the best built Pellet grills made today. Very high quality. With a cover and kept in a garage it will last a long time.

  2. Barbara Bachman

    Bought this grill on Mother’s Day 5-14-2017 worked great first time went to use it on 5-19-2017 and it wouldn’t light and has a horrible vibration to it called customer service at 5:30 pm Edt and got no answer or help what a piece of junk for the money spent.

    • at

      The auger that feeds the pellets is stopped up or jammed. The pellets also may have swelled up. Buy another bag of pellets and keep the bag closed and away from moisture. Just clean out all the old pellets from the hopper and the auger. The Pit Boss 820 is one of the best pellet grills.

  3. Patsy Hetzel

    I have a Pit Boss 820 which I just purchased. I just tried some chicken and the skin was so tough that I could not cut through it, it just tore. What am I doing wrong? I had my Pit Boss at 250 degrees then I turned it down to smoke. I am not for sure how long it takes to smoke and what will make it more edible.

    • at

      How long did you cook the chicken? It sounds like you cooked it too long. I smoke the chicken first. Do you have a meat thermometer? You need one. The internal temp of your chicken should be around 165 degrees. The meat should not be bloody or raw looking. You can get sick eating under-cooked chicken. Use 225 degrees after smoking. You can buy a meat thermometer at Amazon or other places. Good luck, Patsy.

  4. ronnie fritz

    I bought a bad pit boss from lowes temp all over the place set it for 300 degrees and look up 20 minutes later its a 400 degrees never would go under 300 degrees even open the lid to bring the temp down close the lid and its back up to 400 degrees so looking for a different grill

    • at

      Ronnie, you did get a bad one. Sounds like the thermostat isn’t working.

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