Traeger Grill Lil Tex Elite

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Tired of your old charcoal grill? Unhappy with the bitter smoke flavor most charcoal/wood smoker grills produce? Tired of having to hover over a hot grill that’s belching smoke,and making your clothes smell? Read my review of the traeger lil’ tex elite pellet grill,and see what you think.

Lil’ Tex Pellet Grill

The smoker is an electric with standard 110 volt electric power. You can plug it into household current and start grilling. The elite pellet grill is a really good looking grill with a powder coat finish on the outside. The door on the pellet grill is a bronze color of powder coating. There is a (digital thermostat control available),and an electronic auto-start ignition.With a porcelain coated grilling grate,for easy cleanup. A very stylish smoker the elite has a multi-position digital thermostat control.

The wheels are supposed to be heavy duty. In the shipping box there is a cookbook called the everyday cookbook. This grill is built for slow smoking ,the auto-start ignition,plus it automatically feeds pellets. Leaving you with not much to do. Especially if you buy the digital thermostat option.

Electronic auto-start ignition

The electronic auto-start works on 110 volts so you can use any electric outlet. The cooking area is 418 square inches. The smoker grill will maintain 230 degrees all day long without any flare-ups from grease.What is nice is the auto-start ignition. And the hopper automatically feeds pellets into the firebox. There is an auto-igniter in the burner.

20-gauge steel

The traeger has a 20-gauge steel body which is completely powder coated on the outside. Most people i talked to say to use auto-car wax on the finish,buff to a shine to keep the smoker grill looking good. It,the wax will protect the coating.The lil’ tex elite pellet grill has a hopper and auger feed which feeds right into the fire box.


Auto feed Pellet hopper and auger

The pellet delivery system works really well. What is nice is the way the delivery system works.The difference is the pellet hopper and auger feed system. Traegers are designed to have a side mounted hopper which holds the pellets.The temperature control system is what that feeds the pellets automatically. The pellets are fed into the firebox,which burns the pellets.The auger grinds up the pellets instead of wood and feeds them into the firebox. If you fill the hopper,you can smoke at low temperature for 12 hours without refilling. Traeger recommends using their brand of pellets.

Quality of the smoked meat
The quality of the smoked meat is very high. First time you use the Traeger lil’ tex you will find it produces thin blue smoke.This is excellent for barbecue. Most charcoal/wood smokers deliver white smoke. Which is because of a lack of oxygen. The white smoke causes a bitter flavor in smoked meat. When smoking with a traeger lil’ tex elite you get the very best taste from your low and slow smoked meats. The grill has a blower which turns it into a convection oven.


Primary cooking area 19″ x 22″
Automatic convection blower
Auger-fed hardwood pellet delivery
Digital thermostat
Electronic ignition
Made in China
20,000 BTU burner
418 Square inches of grilling space
Three settings for smoking,grilling,baking
Porcelain coated steel cooking grate
Premium wheels for easy moving
EZ-drain grease system for fast cleanup
Durable powder coat finish
Using a charcoal smoker could cause health problems. This pellet smoker grill will give you everything you need in a grill. It has a very innovative auger-fed burner with a solid state control system.And automatic start ignition,makes your cooking, great tasting food so easy.The smoker will deliver a professional product that’s better than you can get at a barbecue restaurant. Just fire it up,set the temp to what you want,and then let its automatic processor controlled system feed your pellets to the firebox. While at the same time it manages the heat and smoke. Just set and forget,and get great bbq.


The Bad

There is a history of mechanical breakdowns. Several people were upset that the burner rod burned out. I think this was a problem that’s fixed now. This Traeger wont sear meat as well as charcoal grills. The wood pellets are more costly.

All in all this traeger smoker is a good smoker grill. Its ease of operation, led thermostat, will help maintain temp of your smoked bbq.Most pellet grills i have seen use a drip pan,to catch grease and keep your grill from flare ups.To keep a desired temperature is one of this grills strong points. To learn more……. Traeger Pellet Grills 5536727 Lil Tex Elite Pellet Grill

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4 comments for “Traeger Grill Lil Tex Elite

  1. Don Yarber

    I bought the Lil Texas Elite Traeger, I am completely disappointed. The temperatures is all over the place, not one bit of smoke flavor, it is an over priced yard ornament.

    • Billy Roberts

      how many times have you tried to use it? With no smoke the pellets aren’t getting into the firebox. Have you gone over the user manual you get with the grill? Try using wood pellets that Trager recommends. If you would like send more information. I also would like to know what the problem is. The Trager is a fine grill,and hopefully you can find the problem.

  2. at

    This is a great review. I like how honest you are about the cons. Great article!

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